Michael Caden Pike
Circus Performer, Fire and Contact Staff Artist, Teacher, Boss.

Michael Caden Pike


Michael is a well known face around the Scottish and UK juggling scene and his fluid contact staff routines are always well received by jugglers and the public alike. From fast spins to graceful body rolls there's a bit of something for everyone. It is rare to see this uncommon skill executed quite so artistically.

-- Azrelle (Scottish Juggling Convention Organiser)

Michael Caden Pike: In the years that lay ahead I hope that we can have more opportunity to genuinely conspire. You have the kind of focus and dedication that makes anything possible. Of all the international friendships that I've made in the Object Manipulation community yours is one of the most cherished.

-- Greg Maldonado, www.gregmaldonado.com

MCP is a revolutionary artist, bringing new dimension and exceptional skills to his craft. His mastery is obvious and inspiring to everyone blessed enough to witness his performance and his contribution to the flow and fire arts community has been invaluable. I feel honored to add him to our performance program, offering audiences an opportunity to witness his unique, moving, and impressive style. Please keep inspiring us all Mike!

-- Isa "GlitterGirl" Isaacs, Founder, Temple of Poi

Michael's performance was one of the highlights of the Courtyard Cabaret at the WFF this year. He thrilled the audience with a flawless performance of his beautifully skilled contact staff routine. Excellent stuff!

-- David Knox, Cabaret Programmer, Woodford Folk Festival 2008/2009

We have been delighted to host MCP in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on several occasions over the years - from teaching staff manipulation to groups of disadvantaged children, to instructing enthusiastic adult firebugs - as well as many incredible fire performances that always leave the audience amazed.

Mike is a real pleasure to work with - reliable, courteous and undeniable skilled - and we are looking forward to having him visit us many more times in the future.

-- Clare Palmer, FirePoise performance group founder, Belfast Juggling Convention Organiser


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